Zap2it: As Season 6 of “The Good Wife” winds down, what do you think of the arc of your character, Diane Lockhart?

Christine Baranski: It’s the nature of a television drama that things have to be dramatic for people to want to watch. I look back and think, “Wow, Diane has really surfed a lot of big, strong waves … and has somehow held on and made it to shore.” She’s been through a lot, and I think that with every crisis, she gets stronger and has a better and clearer sense of vision. Like people do.

I think this year has been very interesting, since she left the firm that she created. She literally walked out of the building and left it to those nasty guys, and she said to Cary and Alicia, “I bring all these clients and all these millions of dollars, plus my expertise, if you’ll have me.” And as she said to Alicia in the first scene of them together in Season 6, “We could be the most powerful firm in the country run by women.”

As we knew Christine was part to the episode before the finale of Season 8 of The Big Bang Theory, back in her role of the cold “lovely” mother of Leonard. Enjoy the HQ Stills and Screencaptures I added to the gallery.

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I’ve added few images of Christine during yesterday’s ‘Follies In Concert’ Gala Performance. Enjoy them in our gallery!

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The gallery was updated with HD screencaptures from yesterday’s episode of The Good Wife. Enjoy!

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